History of the Workshop starts in 1998 when the first Workshop was organized by a group of Association's members, guided by president Anna Stasica. Lectures on Algebraic and Analytic Geometry gathered just 15 students. Since then the number of participants increased every year. Information about the Workshop history can be found here.

  The conference is organized every year (used to be in September) and it always has a main topic. Topics of the previous Workshop were the following:

1998 - Algebraic and Analytic Geometry
1999 - Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
2000 - Singularity Theory
2001 - Complex Analysis
2002 - Approximation Theory
2003 - Operator Theory
2004 - Applied Mathematics
2005 - Geometry
2006 - Topology
2007 - Combinatorics
2008 - Number Theory
2009 - Probability Theory and Statistics
2010 - Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
2011 - Algebra

  The First Workshop was organized in 1998 by a group of Association's members, guided by president Anna Stasica. During the whole week fifteen participants, mainly from Cracow, listened to lectures concerning Algebraic and Analytic Geometry, given by scientists from the Polish Academy of Science (PAN) and professors from the Jagiellonian University (UJ).

  The conference for "young mathematicians" turned out to be a great idea! The number of participants of the following year's edition increased to 53. The topic of the Second Workshop was Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. For the first time participants chose the best lecture of the conference. The Third Workshop - "Singularity Theory" grew up to 73 participants - students of 19 Polish academies. Also, for the first time conference hosted foreign guests - students from Lviv and lecturers from Belgium and France. The integration party and the camp-fire for all participants and organizers became a tradition, but every year it gets more and more difficult to find a place for everyone!

  The number of participants was still increasing: 86 students took part in fourth edition, concerning Complex Analysis, and many of them were habitues! The 5th Workshop - "Approximation Theory" was a real success: 104 guests from 22 academies. We tried as hard as we could not only to teach, but also to integrate them. Many of our guests enthusiastically promised us to come back... And they held their word! The 6th Workshop for Young Mathematicians "Operator Theory" gathered 142 students from 42 academies, 22 of them were foreign guests.

  The increasing number of foreigners was the main cause of renaming next Workshop, concerning Applied Mathematics, to International. English became the leading language. That was also the first time a poster session had been organized. Although we were proud of growing number of participants - 202 - we had to reduce it. We hope, however, that it induced better organization of the 8th International Workshop for Young Mathematicians "Geometry".

  In 2006, 176 students and PhD students from 39 universities in Poland and other countries (not only in Europe!) were our guests at IX Workshop "Topology". We took part in many interesting lectures and the second poster session. In 2007 we found out more about Combinatorics. 204 participants arrived to our Wokshop. In order to celebrate the 10th bitrhday of our conference, we organized a first open problem session in the history of the Workshop as well as HEX tournament. The next Workshop (2008) was devoted to Number Theory. We organized the second open problem session as well as a board game evening. During the 2009 Worhshop (Probability Theory and Statistics) the menu of entertainments grew even broader: we spent one evening playing paintball match.