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The Zaremba Association of Mathematicians - Students of the Jagiellonian University
organizes from 19th to 25th September 2010

the 13th International Workshop for Young Mathematicians
"Logic and Foundations of Mathematics"

Invited speakers:

prof. dr hab. Jacek Cichoń (Wroc³aw University of Technology)
prof. dr hab. Ludomir Newelski (University of Wroc³aw)
prof. dr hab. Pawe³ Urzyczyn (University of Warsaw)

Scientific commitee:

prof. dr hab. Pawe³ Maria Idziak (Jagiellonian University)
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wroński (Jagiellonian University)
prof. dr hab. Marek Zaionc (Jagiellonian University)
dr hab. Krzysztof Nowak (Jagiellonian University)