The conference office is now held in the The Zaremba Association of Mathematicians – Students of the Jagiellonian University, room 1008, Institute of Mathematics, Łojasiewicza St. 6.

Students and PhD students of mathematics and related studies are entitled to take part in the conference. We also sincerely invite research workers or other people interested in the topic.

Because of the international character of the conference, English is the leading language. However, some of the lectures could be done in Polish. In this case the speakers are asked to prepare computer slides or transparent folias written in English.

Conference fee
The basic conference fee is 70 zł (approx. 18 Euro). It covers the costs of conference extras and snacks during the conference days. Moreover, the participant may pay for:
• Accomodation on September 19th-25th (130 zł),
• Breakfasts on September 20th-25th (40 zł),
• Lunches on September 20th-24th (40 zł).
Therefore, the full fee is 280 zł (approx. 74 Euro). For those who give a lecture or present a poster, all the payments are reduced by 40%. Please make the payment into the account of the faculty within June 29th - July 18th:

Wydzial Matematyki i Informatyki UJ
PEKAO Bank Pekao S.A.
PL 61 1240 4722 1111 0000 4860 4116
with the mention "Warsztaty 2010 - name and surname of the participant"

In case of payment for more people together, please mention the name of your institution as well as number of people, eg. "Warsztaty 2010 - Jagiellonian University (10 people)" and send an email including list of those participants for whom the payment has been made.

Students from abroad who wish to take part in the conference should fill in the application form. Please write a note if you plan to shorten your stay at any point. The deadline for the applications is June 20th, 2010.

Lectures and posters
If you wish to become an active participant of our conference, we invite you to give a speech in front of the auditorium. We suggest two forms of presentation: traditional lecture (30 minutes suggested) or a poster. Each participant is entitled to give a lecture or present a poster. Lectures will be held in two sessions: before and after lunch. When adjusting the level of mathematical difficulty of your lecture, please keep in mind that junior students as well as non-mathematicians participate in the conference. Therefore, we prefer general to detailed and sophisticated lectures and topics. These rules do not apply to posters. We plan one poster session which will take place in the afternoon after lunch. We hope it will help bring sophisticated discussions into life at our conference, maybe in a smaller auditorium but always compelling.
A lecture or a poster should be submitted until June 15th, 2010 with the help of our application form. Apart from personal data and e-mail (or phone), additional information should be submitted in the application form:
• Topic of the lecture or poster;
• The mode of presentation (lecture or poster);
• For lecturers: an abstract, containing no more than 100 words, which will be printed in the book of proceedings, and the estimated duration time.
In June, you will receive additional information giving hints on how to make a lecture or a poster. For active participants who will give a speech at our conference either a lecture or poster the conference fee is reduced by 40%.
A contest for the best lecture or poster will also be held this year. Valuable prizes await winners.
Each year all lectures given during the Workshop are published in a post-conference publication. Therefore, every participant giving a lecture is kindly asked to prepare a file (preferably .tex file) containing the whole text of his speech and supply it to the organizers till the last day of the conference (September 25th).