About the Workshop

International Workshop for Young Mathematicians is a mathematical conference organized by the Zaremba Association of Mathematicians - Students of the Jagiellonian University. It is held mainly for students and PhD students of mathematics but other students interested in the topic are invited too.

History of the Workshop starts in 1998 when the first Workshop was organized by a group of Association's members, guided by president Anna Stasica. Lectures on Algebraic and Analytic Geometry gathered just 15 students. Since then the number of participants increased every year. Information about the Workshop history can be found here.

The conference is organized in September, it always has a main topic. Topics of the previous Workshop were the following:

1998 - Algebraic and Analytic Geometry
1999 - Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
2000 - Singularity Theory
2001 - Complex Analysis
2002 - Approximation Theory
2003 - Operator Theory
2004 - Applied Mathematics
2005 - Geometry
2006 - Topology
2007 - Combinatorics
2008 - Number Theory
2009 - Probability Theory and Statistics

Schedule of the Workshop: on Sunday - registration and accommodation; from Monday to Friday - lectures. On Thursday there is usually time for sigthseeing, visiting a museum or just walking through Krakow with a guide. On Friday we meet for the last time to see the photos and sum up the whole week.

The official languages of the conference are Polish and English. We encourage the participants to prepare a lecture or make a poster. If you have any questions in this case, do not hesitate to contact the organizers: workshop@kmsuj.im.uj.edu.pl