Summary of the 16th Workshop   Friday, 27 September 2013

During the sixteenth edition of the International Workshop for Young Mathematicians, 85 participants had an opportunity to listen to excellent lectures by our honored guests, who are not only remarkable academics but also speakers able to engender inspiration:

Vitaly Bergelson, The Multifarious Poincare Recurrence Theorem; Ergodic Ramsey Theory Course
Tomasz Downarowicz, The Simplex of Invariant Measures of a Topological Dynamical System
Tanja Eisner, Ergodic Theorems
Markus Haase, States vs. Observables - Operators in Ergodic Theory
Pavel Zorin-Kranich, Sated Systems and Multiple Ergodic Averages

We also thank all other lecturers – students and Ph.D. students:

Krzysztof Drachal, Algebro-Geometric Methods in Classical Dynamics
Dariusz Dudzik, Entropy and Pythagoras’ Theorem
Eugeniusz Dymek, Cylinder Flows with Transivity, Dicrete Orbits and Some Chaos
Mikołaj Frączyk, Characteristic Factors and Nilrotation
Maciej Gawron, Ergodic Properties of Beta Expansions
Jakub Konieczny, Applications of Ultrafilters in Ergodic Theory
Marcin Lara, Ergodic Theory and Continued Fractions
Martha Łącka, On the Connection Between Hausdorff Dimension and Bowen’s Definition of Topological Entropy
Przemysław Mazur, Ergodic Theory and Diophantine Approximation
Anna Szumowicz, Non-Archimedean Discrete Dynamical Systems
Anna Tyburska, On Recurrence and Ergodicity for Geodesic Flows on Non-Compact Polygonal Surfaces

As well as poster authors:

Kamil Kostrzewa, Krzysztof Rosołek, Billiards Dynamic as an Example of a Chaotic System
Patrycja Kuźma, Dynamics of Three Nonlinearly Coupled Duffing Oscillators
Rafał Wieczorek, Ergodic Theorems in von Neumann Algebras
Marta Burczyk, Kamil Kostrzewa, Adam Kwela, From Classical Mechanics to Chaotic Structures
Jarosław Swaczyna, On Some Generalisations of Iterated Function Systems
Anna Tyburska, Self-Similarity Problem on Selected Classes of Dynamical Systems
Karol Hajduk, Turing Instability

The Scientific Committee of the Workshop comprised of:

Armen Edigarian
Dominik Kwietniak
Piotr Niemiec

In addition to lectures, we have also organised many social events (such as: board games evening, billiard, yoga class, sightseeing trips and karaoke).

According to the tradition of the Workshop, contests for the best lecture and poster have been held. We congratulate the winners:

1. Jakub Konieczny
2. Maciej Gawron
3. Przemysław Mazur

1. Anna Tyburska
2. Jarosław Swaczyna
3. Marta Burczyk, Adam Kwela, Kamil Kostrzewa

Honorary patronages:

Jerzy Miller, Voivode of the Małopolska Region
Marek Sowa, Marshal of the Małopolska Region
Wojciech Nowak, Rector of the Jagiellonian University
Armen Edigarian, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

And finally, big thanks to the people who helped organise the conference:

Magdalena Bera, Dawid Bieniek, Kamil Bryll, Jakub Chłędowski, Justyna Ferenc, Anita Gilarska, Michał Gil Sanchez, Kacper Łasocha, Sylwia Mazur, Przemysław Mazur, Kamil Pałka, Krzysztof Pasek, Igor Sikora, Paweł Wanat

Photos can be viewed if you go to the "Gallery" tab.

Presentation from Jakub Konieczny's Lecture   Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The presentation is available here.

Presentation from the lecture of Prof. Downarowicz   Monday, 16 September 2013

It may be useful if you haven't attended the first part of Prof. Downarowicz's lecture: presentation.

Registration of participants   Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Information about lecture room addresses and registration hours is available in the "Schedule" tab.

Internet Cables   Thursday, 29 August 2013

Participants who want to use internet access in Nawojka Student Hotel should bring ethernet cables for their laptops (the hotel might not have enough for everyone).

Additional information about meals: it will be possible to buy breakfasts and lunches for people who haven't checked that option during registration (it is enough to tell us one day earlier).

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