The conference office is currently located in The Zaremba Association of Mathematicians - Students of the Jagiellonian University, room 1008, Institute of Mathematics, Łojasiewicza St. 6.

The conference is primarily targeted at students and PhD students of mathematics. We also sincerely invite research workers and other people interested in the topic.

Conference language
The official language of the conference is English.

It is mandatory to reserve a place by filling in the application form until May 8, 2011. The Zaremba Association of Mathematicians reserves the right to to verify the data (including, by making a telephone call to participant's university or requesting a letter of recommendation). Students of mathematics and related degrees will have precedence on the list of participants. The list will be settled during the registration procedure, after the date of submitting applications.

On 18th of May 2011, all submitters of the application form will be notified whether they are accepted for participation. After transferring the conference fee, you will be added to the list of participants and you will receive another confirmation by e-mail (in June). Applicants who are rejected due to insufficient number of available places will be put on a reserve list. In cases of renouncing participation they will be notified immediately (but this will not happen before June 3rd). Please contact us by e-mail if you have further questions.

Conference fee
The base conference fee of 100 PLN (~ 25,5 EUR) covers the cost of conference materials and coffeebreaks between the lectures. Additionally, participants can benefit from:
• accommodation from 10th to 16th July (140 PLN ~ 35,5 EUR),
• breakfasts from 11th to 16th July (50 PLN ~ 13 EUR)
• lunches from 11th to 15 th July (50 PLN ~ 13 EUR).
So with accomodation and alimentation, the fee would amount to 340 PLN (about 85 EUR). Speakers are exempt from the basic conference fee. The authors of posters are exempt from half of the base conference fee. Please make the transfer after receiving confirmation of your application by e-mail and before May 31, to the following account:

Wydział Matematyki i Informatyki
61 1240 4722 1111 0000 4860 4116
Bank Pekao SA
with a note "Workshop 2011 - [your name and surname]"

You can use one bank transfer to send the fee for more than one participant, in which case please use a label in the form: "Workshop 2011 - [school/university name] - (XX people)" and send an e-mail with a list of participants your payment was for.

To receive an invoice for the fee it is required to check the appropriate option on the application form and fill in the related fields. People who submitted applications with this option unchecked will not be able to receive invoices.

Lectures and posters
There are two ways to actively participate in the Workshop. Any participant can submit a lecture (suggested length is about 30 minutes) or a poster which will be presented during the poster session. Lectures will be held during lecture blocks before and afternoon. The poster session is planned for an afternoon block. We hope that it will provide the opportunity for discussions in smaller groups.
If you want to give a lecture or prepare a poster, please fill appropriate fields in the application form, including
• the title of a lecture or poster,
• in case of a lecture, a brief summary (up to 100 words) which will later be printed in the booklet,
• approximate duration.
Acceptance of a lecture or a poster will be acknowledged before May 18. Then you will be provided with detailed instructions concerning the form of the lecture. A prize is waiting for the author of the best lecture and the most interesting poster!
As every year, we plan to publish a booklet collecting all the lectures, which will be included in the conference materials. Therefore, all lecturers must submit the full text of the lecture in a .tex format to the address before June 8, 2011.

If you want to help in organizing the conference, please not it in the "remarks" field of the form and contact the President of the The Zaremba Association of Mathematicians personally or by e-mail (