Results of the Contest of Abstract - Posters   Sunday, 18 August 2013

We congratulate the following poster authors chosen in the contest of abstract. We would also like to remind them about capitalization rules in English titles.

Billiards Dynamic as an Example of a Chaotic System
Kamil Kostrzewa, Krzysztof Rosołek

Dynamics of Three Nonlinearly Coupled Duffing Oscillators
Patrycja Kuźma

Ergodic Theorems in von Neumann Algebras
Rafał Wieczorek

Ergodic Theory for Groups
Anna Szumowicz

From Classical Mechanics to Chaotic Structures
Marta Burczyk, Kamil Kostrzewa, Adam Kwela

On Some Generalisations of Iterated Function Systems
Jarosław Swaczyna

Self-Similarity Problem on Selected Classes of Dynamical Systems
Anna Tyburska

Turing Instability
Karol Hajduk

Results of Contest of Abstracts - Lectures   Saturday, 10 August 2013

Because of a large number of submissions, we had to reject some interesting entries. Their authors are encouraged to prepare posters instead - there are still a few days until the deadline.

We would like to congratulate the winners and remind them about writing down the full text of their lectures in LaTeX according to the information in the "Lecturers and Poster Authors" tab.

Krzysztof Drachal
Algebro-Geometric Methods in Classical Dynamics

Dariusz Dudzik
Entropy and Pythagoras' Theorem.

Eugeniusz Dymek
Cylinder Flows with Transitivity, Discrete Orbits and Some Chaos

Mikołaj Frączyk
Characteristic Factors and Nilrotation

Uta Freiberg (45 minutes only)
Hausdorff and Spectral Dimension of Fractals

Maciej Gawron
Ergodic Properties of Beta Expansions

Marcin Lara
Ergodic Theory and Continued Fractions

Martha Łącka
On the Connection Between Hausdorff Dimension and Bowen's Definition of Topological Entropy

Piotr Szczepocki
Population Dynamics and Ergodic Theorems

Anna Szumowicz
Non-Archimedean Discrete Dynamical Systems

Anna Tyburska
On Recurrence and Ergodicity for Geodesic Flows on Non-Compact Polygonal Surfaces

Problem with Registration Form   Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Recently, we have noticed that some invoice data has not been saved during registration.

We are very sorry about this inconvenience and we need to ask anyone who wants to receive an invoice to check if the relevant data is present in their registration form.

Extension of the Deadline for Submitting Posters   Thursday, 1 August 2013

The deadline for submitting posters is extended to August 9th!

Authors of posters:
- are exempted from paying the conference fee (100 PLN),
- will receive a free copy of a book containing their poster (it is going to be published in 2014),
- get an additional suprise present (in addition to the conference gadget),
- take part in a competition for the best poster with attractive prizes.

Final Prices of Accomodation and Alimentation and Bank Account Number   Thursday, 1 August 2013

We'd like to announce that the accomodation will be provided by "Zaczek" and "Nawojka" hotels for 30 PLN per night.

There will be 6 breakfasts (16-21.09.2013) and 5 lunches (16-20.09.2013). Each breakfast costs 11.00 PLN and each lunch - 16.00 PLN.

Therefore, the fee is 100 + breakfast_count * 11 + lunch_count * 16 + days_of_accomodation * 30 (NOTICE - authors of posters and lectures should wait for the results of the contest of abstracts).

Please make the transfer to the following bank account, before 24.08.2013:

PL61124047221111000048604116 (IBAN)
UJ Wydział Matematyki i Informatyki
Address: Gołębia 24, Kraków

with a title of "Workshop 2013 - [your name and surname]".

It is possible to pay for several people with one bank transfer - just list all names in the title.

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