Markus Haase's Lecture   Friday, 19 July 2013

We now know the abstract of Markus Haase's lecture entitled "States vs. Observables - Operators in Ergodic Theory".

Abstract: Ergodic theory was born when von Neumann and Birkhoff established their "Ergodic Theorems". The main protagonist in these results is not the space space dynamics but the so-called Koopman operator acting on observables. In my lectures I want to give an introduction to the operator theoretic side of ergodic theory. Furthermore, I shall give a fairly elementary proof of a famous result of Halmos-von Neumann-Rokhlin, namely that under natural assumptions the state space dynamics can be recovered from the Koopman operator.

Extension of the Deadline   Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The deadline for submitting lectures and posters is extended to July 31st! We encourage everyone to take part in the contest of abstracts.

Authors of lectures and posters:
- are exempted from paying the conference fee (100 PLN),
- will receive a free copy of a book containing the text of their lecture or poster (it is going to be published in 2014),
- get an additional suprise present (in addition to the conference gadget),
- take part in a competitions for the best poster and the best lecture with attractive prizes,
- what is more, authors of lectures can buy breakfasts and dinners with a 50% discount.

More Lecture Abstacts   Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tomasz Downarowicz - The simplex of invariant measures of a topological dynamical system

Abstract: We are interested in the set of invariant measures of a topological dynamical system, endowed with the weak* topology. This set is, first of all, nonempty, moreover it is compact and convex in a specific way that makes it a Choquet simplex. Its extreme points are precisely the ergodic measures. On the other hand, a topological analog of ergodicity is minimality. However, the analogy is far from perfect; it is known that minimal systems may support multiple ergodic measures. During the lecture we will show, among other things, that the variety of simplices of invariant measures appearing in minimal system is equally rich as the variety of simplices appearing in arbitrary topological dynamical systems.

Tanja Eisner - Ergodic Theorems

Abstract: We discuss some generalisations and extensions of the classical ergodic theorems including weighted, subsequential and multiple ergodic theorems.

Ergodic Ramsey Theory Lectures   Thursday, 13 June 2013

We are happy to announce that during the Workshop, Professor Vitaly Bergelson will give a 10-hour course on Ergodic Ramsey Theory (the first lecture of this course will take place on Wednesday 18.09.2013).

Abstract: The goal of the course is to introduce the participants to the main principles of Ergodic Ramsey Theory and to discuss some of the classical combinatorial and number theoretic results, such as van der Waerden, Hindman's and Szemeredi's theorems, from the point of view of topological dynamics, ergodic theory and topological algebra in Stone-Cech compactifications. Some recent developments and open problems will be surveyed.

Conference Fee   Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The base conference fee is 100.00 PLN (about 24 EUR; incuded in this price are, among others: two coffee breaks a day; a suprise Workshop gadget; a choice of sightseeing trips and other activities).

Optionally, it is possible to buy accomodation and alimentation. Accomodation will be provided by "Zaczek" and "Nawojka" hotels for about 35.00 PLN / night in a shared room, but the final price is not known yet. There will be 6 breakfasts (16-21.09.2013) and 5 lunches (16-20.09.2013). Each breakfast costs 11.00 PLN and each lunch - 16.00 PLN.

Authors of posters and lectures will be exempted from paying the base conference fee. In case of multiple authors, the discount is shared evenly. Authors of accepted lectures can buy breakfasts and dinners with a 50% discount.

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