Conference Fees

The base conference fee is 100.00 PLN. For this price participants are entitled to:

Optionally, it is possible to buy accomodation and alimentation. Accomodation will be provided by "Nawojka" student hotel (address: Władysława Reymonta 11) for 30.00 PLN / night in a shared room. There will be breakfasts for 11.00 PLN each and lunches for 16.00 PLN each. Relevant options can be found in the registration form.

In case you don't want to participate in the snooker evening (Tuesday) or any of the sightseeing trips (Thursday), it is possible to pay a reduced conference fee of 60.00 PLN. In this case an appropriate option in the registration form should be checked.

Bank Transfer

Please make the transfer to the following bank account, not later than 26.08.2013:

PL61124047221111000048604116 (IBAN)
UJ Wydział Matematyki i Informatyki
Address: Gołębia 24, Kraków

with a title of "Workshop 2013 - Name and Surname".

NOTE: e-mails with payment confirmation might be sent with a delay of up to 7 days.

If invoice data is not filled in the registration form, the particulars of the person who makes the transfer are going to be used.

It is possible to pay for several people with one bank transfer - just list all names in the title.

The conference fee for one participant should be calculated as:

base_fee + breakfast_count * 11 + lunch_count * 16 + days_of_accomodation * 30

NOTE: authors of posters and lectures should wait for the results of the contest of abstracts, because they are entitled to special discounts.